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She was drawing Eyesore in just six easy steps! Winnie the Pooh is among the numerous
continuing and exceptional childrens feelings. From texts to flicks, cartoons, and even video
games, young and old fans are captivated by his exploits. However, the stories arent just about
the clumsy bear. And his many friends have won many hearts as well. The sad and sad donkey
Eyesore is one of the most beloved characters in stories, and many fans want to show it off by
learning how to draw Eyesore. If you, too, love this angry character, then you will be delighted
with what we have in store for you in this guide! Our step-by-step manual on how to remove
Eyesore in 6 actions will guide you on how you can play this precious mule. cool things to draw

How To Draw Eyesore – Allows Call Initiated!
Step 1

Although this character is generally considered sullen and unhappy, we will show a rare lighter
moment in this guide on how to draw Eyesore! To do this, well start with the head and face of
your image. First, you can start with some circular shapes for her eye lines. Then you can add
large pupils to his eyes. There will also be detailed lines above and below his eyes to give them
more character. Then you can finish the eye area by adding thick eyebrows above them. Finally,
for this step, we will use rounded lines with sharp points for the section of hair on her head. You
can then finish the step by using more rounded lines for her floppy ear below her hair. Lets
move on to step 2!
Step 2: Following, remove some facial attributes for Eyesore.
Now that you have removed the top of his head, we can start with the bottom half for your
Eyesore drawing. First, use curved lines to create her muzzle at the end of her face. This will also
have a curved line at the bottom, which is wrapped around a little smiley face for him. Dont
forget to draw nostrils where his nose is also! We’ll show him resting his head on a ball in the
scene were drawing. Use curved lines under his ear so that his foot rests on the ball, which you
can draw as a small circle with curved lines extending from it.
Step 3: Draw Eyesore’s Body
This step of our guide on how to draw Eyesore will focus on drawing his body. To do this,
extend a long curved line from the muzzle and bend up and down. After drawing this round
curve for her body, you can draw a small square shape where you see it in the reference image.
You can then complete this step by drawing a slight arc at the base of its body.
Step 4: Now draw legs for Eyesore.
We will complete the outline of your Eyesore drawing in the next step. To do this, we will focus
on his legs under his body. Well use a few more rounded lines for the front leg that connect the
same way as the other front leg. This will be under his body to show that he is leaning on it.Then
extend the curved line from her leg to show her belly. Finally, you can finish this step by
drawing his rear leg sticking out.

This will also be drawn with some curved lines at the top but will have a flat line at the bottom.
Then we can tote on to some last traces in the following measure.
Step 5: Complete the Eyesore Drawing
All of the animal characters in the Winnie the Pooh series are stuffed animals that come to life,
and well reflect on that aspect in this step of our guide on how to draw Eyesore. To do this,
were going to add some lines of stitching on his limbs and body. First, draw a line down the
center of her face. As you can see in the photo, were going to make this line follow the curve of
her face. Then you can add some short lines across for some seams. You can add similar stitch
lines on her legs, belly, and body to complete the effect. Before moving on to the last step,
maybe you could draw other characters from the series or an excellent background for your
Step 6: Complete the Eyesore pulling with some color.
This is the last part of your Eyesore drawing, and in this one, well finish it with a bit of coloring
fun. In our reference image, we showed the colors Eyesore

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