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Instagram is a strong social media platform with over 1.16 million active
users. Each day, 95,000,000 photos and videos are posted with 3,5 billion likes.
What makes it different from other social media platforms is its hashtags? The
Instagram hashtags are a must!
Social media hashtags are a well-known feature of social media. They have been
around since 2007, when they were first introduced to Chris Messina, an ex-Google
His idea was tweeted by him, attracting many people as it was unique and new for
social media users. It was a popular idea, and Instagram soon introduced the
hashtags feature January 26, 2011.

You can use a mixture of short-tail and long-tail hashtags

Keywords are an essential part of any SEO strategy. These are the most crucial
factors that will allow you to rank your business high on Google.
Hashtags can also be used to reach new people on Instagram. You can quickly gain
more followers and engagements by using a user-focused strategy on social
media. Selecting a hashtag mix to attract targeted audiences is all you have to
think about.
Finding the right hashtags for your brand can be like solving a puzzle. It can be
difficult to choose the right combination to represent your brand.
Long-tail hashtags are more specific and can be followed with 3 or greater
words. What makes long-tail hashtags distinct from shorter ones?
The good news is that the longer a hashtag is, the more targeted it will be. Let
take an example of a long-tail hashtag named baliweddingphotographer.
It doesnt apply to those who are planning to marry in Bali. It might not get as much
traffic than short tail hashtags but users are interested in the product/services.
Short tail hashtags can be 1-2 words in length. These hashtags are
very general and competitive. Local businesses prefer short-tail hashtags.
This is because you can use more of these hashtags in your posts, without
exceeding the character limit.
#Movie has been used in hundreds of posts. Why is this? When someone searches
for information about Latest Movies, they first search with the most obvious
keywords and a pound sign. This is a great opportunity for HDHUB4U types of
websites which provides free downloading of movies.
The question now is which hashtag is most effective in increasing engagement and
followers? This worry can be buried thanks to Instagram hashtag limits at 30

Mixing these two is the best option! Use 5-11 hashtags by using a permutation
these tags. Here are some benefits to a hashtag mix.
Long-tail keywords lead to more conversions. While the short ones will bring
in essential traffic. Long-tail hashtags will help define your brands focus. This will
allow you to convert prospects to viewers.
Engagement spike Engagement can be like gold on social media. By using a
combination, you can bring targeted and massive traffic back to your brand.
The power of the perfect hashtag mix This can be overcome by a careful mix of
social media hashtags .
Tip Use long-tail hashtags for campaigns and short-tail hashtags for brands.

Do hashtag research correctly

The best way to increase your posts organic reach is to use the right social media
strategy by using My Editech House like apps which increase your followers and
engagement. Relevant hashtags are the best for your business.
How can you do hashtag research to locate them?
As a starting point, you can use Instagrams built in search option. You can search
for popular hashtags that match your business using Instagram autocomplete.
For example, lets say you sell trendy bags. In the search tab, you can use
hashtags that are relevant to Fashion bags. It will automatically suggest the most
relevant fashion bags hashtags.
Simply typing #fashionbag will reveal a list with the most trending hashtags.
Once you have completed the research, choose the hashtag that best represents
your brand. Then get to work growing your business.

Use simple hashtags that are easy to understand

It is easier for readers to remember a phrase or sentence that is clear. Your
hashtags should be clear and unambiguous to increase your chances of attracting
more people.
It doesnt matter whether its a hashtag with a long tail or a shorter hashtag. If the
hashtag is easy to understand, then you are on the right track. Let&s look at a
hashtag that is very dear to everyone.
It is clear that #picoftheday has been one of the most used hashtags on Instagram.
This has fulfilled all mandates such as:
 Simple to comprehend
 Catchy
 Engaging
This makes it quite clear. Youll get great responses to your posts if your hashtag
is simple, catchy, and easy.

Use brand-specific hashtags
What are brand specific hashtags? These are the hashtags that are created by your
brand for your brand. Lets look at Nike to get an idea.
This brand is familiar to us. When we hear "just try it," our first thought
is Nike. This is because the slogan represents the brand.
Nike used a slogan to create a hashtag. It is clear, motivating, and brand-
specific. It is easy to spell for customers and fans. However, it is creative and
relevant which encourages people to share it.
Want to learn more about the benefits associated with having your own brand-
specific tag? Lets take a look!
A branded hashtag is an excellent way to engage your followers and increase your
brand reach.
70% hashtags are branded. These are some benefits that you can get from
using brand-specific tags to promote your business.
Brand-specific hashtags can be unique for your brand.
This is one of the best ways to establish your brands presence on Instagram.
Use brand-specific hashtags to grow your business by increasing followers count,
and improving overall engagement on Instagram.
The use of brand-specific hashtags helps to create a space for your brand
and increase brand awareness through social media platforms.
This completes the Dos. Lets now move on to the "DON’Ts".
Last words
Now that youre familiar with how to use Instagram hashtags, you can boost your
reach. You’ll see an increase in your followers and engagements.

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