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Whats referred to as cardio exercises?

Aerobic exercise (or "cardio") is any activity that elevates or maintains a high heart beat for a
prolonged period of time. Your respiratory system will work harder if you inhale faster and

These are some examples of best cardiovascular exercises at home

The same place:

Marching in place, which can raise heart rate, can be used either as a warm up or as an aerobic
One person could make the situation more difficult by moving faster or raising their knees higher.

Jogging at the same location:

Jogging is a great way of increasing your heart rate quickly and easily. This is a great way to
warm up before you start.
You can bounce softly from one foot to the other. You can also move your arms simultaneously
in a side to side motion.

Jumping rope

The challenge of jumping with a rope at home should be greater when you move from
introductory activities using an inflatable rope to jumping with a rope at home.
One can switch between jumping on one foot and hopping with both feet. These are just a few
examples, but there are many cardio exercises.

The benefits of cardio exercise can include:

A good place to start in your journey to heart health.

You already know that aerobic (meaning "with air") exercise like running or cycling is good for
your heart. It also helps to overcome symptoms of heart disease . Your resting heart rate will

drop and your heart muscle will grow stronger. You can increase the distance and time you can
exercise by increasing the duration of your cardio sessions. The positive effects of cardio are not
just felt in the heart, but throughout the body.

Lower your blood sugar levels:

Cardio will lower blood sugar levels (glucose), and help improve insulin resistance if you have
diabetes. It is also beneficial to lift weights or do resistance exercises.

Improves your overall mood:

To help with anxiety and depression, your doctor may recommend running or other aerobic
exercises. It may reduce cell death and increase the size of your hippocampus which is
responsible to regulate emotions.

Good nights sleep with

Doing cardio can help you sleep better. It helps maintain a steady mood, ease into sleep and
establish a regular wake-sleep rhythm (circadian rhythm). Regular cardio exercise is more
effective in promoting deep sleep, which helps to regenerate the body and brain. However, the
exact effects on the brain arent always obvious.

Maintains a good memory:

A decreased chance of developing dementia including Alzheimers has been associated with
more frequent movement. This can be explained in part by the fact that being healthy and fit
reduces the likelihood of developing dementia.

Enhances brain function:

Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to adapt and flex under new information and experiences.
Your neuroplasticity can be preserved by resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, even
as you get older.

Reduces arthritis pain

As you get older, osteoarthritis may develop in your knees or other joints. Running or cycling are
great ways to reduce inflammation and pain. Walking, swimming and rowing strengthen the
heart, making it easier to live an active lifestyle. Weight loss can help relieve joint pain. This is
possible with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Makes it easier to breathe:

Even for people with lung problems, regular cardiovascular exercise can improve breathing.
Walking, running, and playing tennis can all have the same effect, as going to the gym. Before
you start any exercise program, consult your doctor if you have asthma.

How do you choose the best c exercise ty :

The first step to choosing the best cardio program for you is to determine what kind of activities
you are most passionate about. Consider what is most important to you, based on your
personality and your lifestyle. This is important because you wont feel as motivated to keep up
with your exercise routine if it doesnt appeal to you.
If you enjoy exercising outdoors, running, cycling, and walking all make great choices. There are
many options for exercise, such as treadmills, elliptical trainers and rowing machines, climbers
and stationary bikes, as well as a swimming area and other cardio machines. Find the right
cardio exercise for you by exploring our website.

How long does cardio exercise need to last?

Experts agree that cardio should be done at least 150 times per week. Cardio is great because
you can get results in as little time as 30 minutes.
Even if you only do a short cardio session, it counts towards the 60 minutes per week. Calculate
how much you have to do each week, and then divide it in the way that is most convenient for
If you are a beginner, start small with 10 to 15 minute sessions. Add five minutes to your workout
when you feel more comfortable. Gradually increase the time you spend training from 30 to 60


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